What is a Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag? 

The Bierre bamboo charcoal bag is a natural safe solution to remove odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Use them in cars, rooms, closets, offices, boats, and shoes, and the air in those spaces will be completely neutralized or eliminated. You can put it into direct sunlight for at least one hour to then reuse again. It's a wonderful way you can purify air without the need for chemicals or artificial scents because our bamboo charcoal bags are completely natural and non-toxic.



How does it work?

The Bierre Air Purifying Bag is filled with one ingredient-Moso bamboo charcoal. This greatly powered charcoal has millions of tiny pores and cavities that work together and act as an absorber.

While air passes through the pores, odors, allergens, and bacteria are captured on the surface, which in return purifies your air. Bamboo charcoal has scientifically been proven to reduce harmful chemicals, such as ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and chloroform gases from such things as paint, carpeting, chemical cleaners, air fresheners, rubber, and plastic. 


The perks!


1. Unscented, chemical free and non-toxic.
2. Safe around children and pets.
3. Made from a 
natural sustainable resource. 
4. Recycles into the soil.

What can you do with each bag? 
200g Bag


The 200g Bag can cover up to 90 square feet.


It is recommended for small places such as bathrooms, cars, pet areas, offices and laundry rooms. 

50g Bag


The 50g Bag is very versatile. 


It is recommended for places such as fridges, freezers, gym bags, luggage, and shoes.